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Wholesale or retail fashion jewelry here, no mid channel, and our large jewelry styles collection proove our strong production capacity. you'd find some amazing, interesting styles! We accept ODM&OEM orders. Pls log in our sites. Or email to us chinaking@china-jewelry-factory.com for Personal Assistance Or Submit under information to us


1) are you interested in any of our items? Offer item number, we'd quote you price within 24 hours

2) would you like us to sample your designs? Send us your design photo and description in details.

3) If you can't find some styles to your tastes, tell us your email address. We can recommend more styles to you by email!

4) Is it your first time to buy jewelry items from China ? If yes, we'd introduce whole purchase procedure to you.

5) Do you mainly wholesale or retail? We can recommend different styles for you.

6) Would you like any other information? Pls list one by one.

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